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Reform Sex Offender Laws


Hello all;

My name is Scott Carver, and I am the State of Montana Coordinator for RSOL (Reform Sex Offender Laws), a nationwide Lobbying group dedicated to doing exactly what our name says; reforming the current sex offender laws.  I could go on and on, but our national website says it far better than I can here.  The national website can be found at:

So, if you are a RSO and are interested in helping us (and in turn, helping yourself); or the family member, friend, or just a concerned citizen, feel free to contact us at   Everyone is welcome.  Feel free to comment on any of our posts, or submit a post yourself.  Share your concerns with others who know where you are coming from.  The more people we bring to this group, the greater the influence we can exert on our elected officials to address our issues.

I am currently in the process of building this site, so check back frequently to view new material.


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