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International Megan’s Law must go!

I’ve been sitting here going over U.S. House Resolution (H.R.) 5138.  This resolution, which has no title, is what is being refered to publically as the International Megan’s Law.  The first few pages are yawner’s, but once you reach page 10, it becomes downright frightening for RSO’s. 

Page 9, Line 23 – Page 11, Line 17

(b) DECLARATION OF PURPOSE — The purpose of this Act and the amendments made by this Act is to protect children from sexual exploitation by preventing or monitoring the international travel of sex traffickers and other sex offenders who pose a risk of committing a sex offense against a minor while traveling by —

(1) Establishing a system in the United States to notify the appropriate officials of other countries when a sex offender wo is identified as a high interest registered sex offender  intends to travel to their country;

(2)  Strong encouraging and  assisting foreign governments to establish a sex offender travel notification system and to inform United States Authorities when a sex offender intends to travel or has departed on travel to the United States;

(3)  Establishing and maintaining non-public sex offender registries in United States diplomatic and consular missions in order to maintain critical data on United States citizens and lawful permanent resident sex offenders who are residing abroad;

(4) Providing the Secretary of State with the discretion to revoke the passport or passport card of an individual who has been convicted overseas for a sex offense against a minor, or limit the period of validity of a passport issued to an individual designated as a high interest sex offender;

(5) including whether a country is investigating and prosecuting its nationals suspected of engaging in severe forms of trafficking in persons abroad in the minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking under section 108 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (22 U.S.C.7101 et seq.);

(6)  mandating a report from the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Attorney General, about the status of international notifications between governments about child sex offender travel; and;

(7) providing assistance to foreign countries under section 134 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2152d) to establish systems to identify sex offenders and provide and receive notification of child sex offender international travel.

This is a clear violation of the current registration act.  This is a punitive act, which serves to limit the locations to where one may travel.  By informing countries to which a sex offender intends to travel of said person’s status as a sex offender will result in many cases of travel visa’s being revoked or denied.  It will also invite unwarranted scrutiny and harassment by foreign police officials, customs official, and/or other government agencies. 

Is it not bad enough that in the United States, where every other felon, upon completion of their sentence, is granted a second chance; that all sex offenders, regardless of the severity or nature of their crime; are persecuted and hounded.  We, as a group, have the lowest rate of reoffense compared to nearly any other type of felon; yet we are forced to be registered and publically persecuted.  Now, these people want to make that persecution global.  Nowhere will we be able to go and just be normal people again.  Everywhere we go, we will have someone looking over our shoulder at every move we make.

I urge everyone, contact your congressman and your senators.  Tell them that this bill must be defeated.  Do not let them take away one of the few dignities we have left.


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  1. Steven Yoon says:

    Did you know that treatment for former offenders has been proven effective and that most sex offenders never commit another crime? Did you also know that making it more difficult for former offender to reintegrate into society increases recidivism?

    Would you like more *FACTS* ? If so, look at this website and please sign our petition:

    CanadiansForAJustSociety [dot] webs [dot] com

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