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Reform Sex Offender Laws

We are real people

In a recent discussion with other state organizers, I put forth the idea that we need to create a national voice for Sex Offenders. This “Voice” would put for the true statistics and information pertaining to Registered Sex Offenders, to counter-act the fear-mongering and hate speech put out my the mainstream media. Most of us are simply people trying to get on with and live normal lives. unfortunately, most people only see the monsters who make the National Mainstream News by committing horrific and often fatal acts against their victims. To hear that someone is a Sex Offender almost immediately brings up images of young children being molested, raped, and/or killed. It is this image that we need to change.
I’m not saying that there isn’t a small percentage out there like this, but most RSO’s are not monsters. If it weren’t for the registry, we would probably be your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends; and you wouldn’t think that there was anything strange or different about us. But today, we aren’t even given the chance to make a good first impression. We are forced to register, our names and addresses, and sometimes our picture; are publicly displayed. Our children and spouse’s are ridiculed for something they had nothing to do with. Our extended families are drug through the mud, simply because they are related to us. We are denied jobs, housing, and government benefits such as unemployment, simply because of something we did as an 18, 19, 20-year-old. Me, I was 17 when I committed my crime, 18 when I was convicted. I’m 43 now. But when people take a look at my registry, all they see is that I had sex with a 14-year-old girl. They don’t look at the date of the conviction, just the act. 25 years later, and I’m still being punished.
I’m sure that there are many people out there in similar circumstances. Still being punished for crimes that are decades old, for which they’ve served their time. Not allowed to live a normal life because they made a mistake in the past.
Wake up America. We are your sons and daughters, your sisters and brothers, your niece and nephew, your neighbors, co-workers, and employees. We might even be your friend, if you let us. But most of all, we are human beings, and we demand that we be treated as such. We want our lives back. Would you demand any less?


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